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Oh, I don’t even want to talk about it.


So, yes, my Tarheels went down in flames on Saturday night. The game was literally painful to watch. Despite all my various mojo workings—putting the baby in her UNC gear, like we did for every game this year, having the same people over we’ve had for other big games we’ve won—it just wasn’t going to happen. I was still so bummed out at the crack of dawn when the baby woke up that I told her first thing. She did not seem nearly as affected. Ah, to be young. Oh, well. There’s always next year.

On a brighter note, thanks to EVERYONE who came out on a very early and dreary Saturday morning for my reading at UNC. I had a great crowd, great questions, and even though I was REALLY nervous I don’t think it was totally obvious. Except maybe for when my microphone suddenly started squealing with feedback and I couldn’t get it to stop and had to take it off and put it on the floor, where it continued to make noises until someone came and took it away. Yikes! All in all, though, I cannot think of a better way to start all this publicity for Lock and Key. There was even a really nice story in the Chapel Hill Herald on the front page (!) along with a really big picture of me. I didn’t even look that weird, which is rare because we all know I do not photograph well. I was actually thinking, hey, this isn’t so bad, and then my husband—helpful as always—pointed out the headline directly to the left of my face, which was MEETINGS EXPLORE HUMAN, SEX TRAFFIC. It almost looked like a caption to my picture. Sigh. It got your attention, at any rate.

Speaking of Lock and Key, don’t forget about my first ever contest! (You can find out how to enter by following that link.) For those of you who asked, we are only allowing one entry per person: any more than that from any one address will be deleted. Good Luck!

And finally, a book recommendation. I have been a HUGE fan of Jennifer Weiner ever since her first book, Good in Bed. And now, tomorrow, her newest book, a sequel to Good in Bed, is finally going to be released. It’s called Certain Girls, and I can tell you that it is FABULOUS because I got an early copy, and read it immediately, pretty much ignoring all else in order to do so. (Okay, not ALL else. My baby was still getting everything she needed. But the laundry and cooking took a hit, for sure.) It’s like getting to spend a long day with an old friend, and when it’s over you’re so sad to see them go. Seriously. I think I may have to read it again just to hold me over until her next one.

Okay, time to start the week in earnest. And, um, get that laundry and cooking. Maybe.

Have a great day, everyone!
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