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In the last couple of days, I have heard from many fans in Australia that Lock and Key has already been released there. Which is, honestly, news to me, albeit good news, as I am always excited when a book finally comes out. Usually they get books LATER than here, but I guess this time it’s different? At any rate, thanks to everyone for letting me know.

In other news, April 22nd, the day L&K is released HERE, is a big day, and not just for me. It is also Earth Day, and the day of the Pennsylvania democratic primary, the day the second season of Friday Night Lights is released on DVD AND my cousin Elise’s sixth birthday. (Okay, so that last one isn’t big news to everyone, just me and my family.) I’m also traveling that day, taking my first trip away from my baby (sob!) since she was born. Isn’t it weird how sometimes everything seems to literally be happening at once? At least all these things will serve as some sort of distraction for me, as between the pub date and the baby separation I may be a total basket case. I guess we’ll find out, right?

Finally, we spent much of the weekend adjusting to our new DVR system, which was installed on Friday. Our old Tivos were on their last legs, literally, so we switched over to this entirely new system which, among other things, gives us a ton more channels in High Definition. Can I just say that I was not entirely prepared to see EVERYTHING quite so clearly? I mean, on Discovery Channel when they’re showing tropical fish, it’s amazing. But the close ups of the girls on Rock of Love? A bit much. To be fair, I wouldn’t want to see myself in HD either,with every wrinkle and crow’s foot right there for everyone to see. I think for now I should just stick to the fish. It’s probably best for everyone.

Have a good day, everyone!
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