The Friday Five!

1. Did you hear that Project Runway is moving to Lifetime? This is VERY exciting news, if only because so many of my friends don’t have Bravo (including everyone in Chapel Hill, just about) which makes it difficult to do my Tim Gunn impression without getting a lot of strange looks. I think PR will be HUGE on Lifetime, personally. They should put it on right after that new Carson Kressley show How To Look Good Naked, which is actually not as disturbing as you might think.

2. In related news, I read in the paper that Tim Gunn himself is going to be in Raleigh next week, appearing at a Liz Claiborne fashion show. How much do I want to go see him? PLEASE! But next week is nuts, with all this pre-pub stuff, and then there’s the issue of the baby, who also loves Tim Gunn (who doesn’t?) but cannot be counted on to be quiet and appreciative at a fashion show because she is, you know, only seven months old. Why couldn’t Tim be coming in the week AFTER, when I might have had the chance to spy him at the airport? Or even share a plane? How great would that be?

Why am I asking so many questions? I have no idea. Sorry!

3. Here’s yet another thing I’ve realized about being a mom: Target is now mandatory. Used to be, I’d blow in there, grab a basket, and idly cruise the aisles, picking up some shampoo, maybe some mascara, a nice salad bowl, whatever. Now when I go, I’m on a mission. Diapers, wipes, baby food, formula, onesies, and that’s just in the first five minutes. At least I know I am not alone. My husband ran into Target the other day to buy something mid-morning and was blown away by the number of moms there. “You look out in the parking lot, and it’s like an invasion!” he said. “Just mom after mom after mom after mom….” We are a force. Prepare to be reckoned with.

4. In related news, I have also become one of those people who smiles at pregnant women. When I was pregnant, this completely puzzled me. I’d be out, waddling along, and pass some woman, who would give me this sweet, knowing smile, and I’d immediately think, “Oh, crap, I must have spilled something on my pants I can’t see because my belly is in the way,” or, in the later, very-uncomfortable-stare-or-smile-at-me-at-your-peril days, “What are YOU looking at? Huh? HUH?” (I was hormonal, what can I say.) Anyway, the point is I totally didn’t get it. But now, I do, because when I see a pregnant woman, it immediately makes me think of how excited I was when I was expecting, and how fun it was getting ready for the baby, and all that. So I smile, and they either smile back or glare at me (which I understand: see above). What I really want to say when I see pregnant women, though, is this: “Why aren’t you sleeping right now? You should be sleeping. Sleep! Sleep!” Clearly, smiling is better.

5. Finally, I was watching Top Chef this week when they mentioned deviled eggs. Yes: it IS that time of year again. I haven’t made eggs in ages, but it’s kind of a tradition that I whip some up to commemorate 1) the beginning of spring/summer and 2) the release of a new book. Considering both are happening at the same time this year, I think it’s almost imperative that I do the egg thing. There’s just something great about that first trip to the store to buy eggs, mayo, mustard, relish and paprika. I always get the large sizes (except for the eggs, of course) so that I have plenty on hand the next time the urge strikes. It’s been a long, cold winter. Okay, this is NC. So maybe not. But still: it’s deviled egg time!

Have a good day, everyone!
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