Okay, so I’m back from New York City, where I flew up for a quick twenty four hours to attend a party in honor of my publisher, Viking Children’s Books, turning 75. It was kind of insane, doing a reading Monday night, then racing home, grabbing a few hours of sleep, then going to the airport, flying North, running around the city catching up with friends, then hitting the party, a quick dinner afterwards, back to the hotel, up at crack of dawn the next am to come back home. Yikes! Factor in leaving my baby overnight for the first time and we’re talking serious whirlwind. But it was REALLY fun, I got to see so many of my favorite authors and publishing folk, and my baby seems to have missed me, well..not at all. If anything, she and my husband are now even more of BFFs, which is really great but also made me a little sad. I wanted to be missed at little bit, at least. Is it so much to ask to be to be indispensable?

Thank you to EVERYONE who has written in about Lock and Key. I’m so excited people are finding it and reading it and (most importantly) liking it. I went into a Barnes and Noble near my hotel yesterday, and sure enough, there it was front and center, which was VERY exciting. And in the little mini-Borders at Newark Airport this am, it was out as well. Which means I have achieved one of my lifetime dreams: to be in an airport bookstore. I know, super lame. But I have been waiting for this moment! Too bad it was, like, 7:15 am and there was no one to really share it with. Still. Super exciting.

One request: if you HAVE already read Lock and Key and leave a comment about it, warn us if you’re giving out plot spoilers. I know a lot of people haven’t had a chance to read it yet and want them to get all the surprises when they do. Thanks!

Because my trip to New York was crazy-fast, I was yet again denied the pleasure of doing ANY shopping. That’s two trips in a row! I’ve got to find a way to fit in an extra day (or even a couple of hours) next time. At least I got some good food. The best? The little appetizers available at my hotel during cocktail hour. My best friend Bianca and I were blown away that they had both Tater Tots AND Pigs in a Blanket on the menu. Super gourmet Tots and Piggies, of course, because this IS a fancy hotel in New York. But it was still kind of hiliarious. I mean, look at these pigs in a blanket:

Courtney, can you even believe this? We clearly need a fancy plate and sauce next time we make them. Regardless of appearance, though, they were delicious, as were the tots. It would have been nice to buy a new dress or some shoes while I was away, but if I had to get only one thing, Pigs in a Blanket is a pretty good choice.

Thanks again to EVERYONE for your kind words and support. I’m going to go collapse now, before doing it all again on Friday in DC…..

Have a great day everyone!
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