The Friday Five!

1. Today, I head out to DC to read THIS AFTERNOON, Friday, at 4:30pm, at Politics and Prose. It’s my first reading in DC, and I’m really excited, so please come out if you can! I spent yesterday afternoon unpacking and then repacking, which, if you are totally anal retentive about packing like I am, is both very enjoyable and very stressful all at once. I have lists upon lists upon lists. I am convinced I will forget something major, like my lint brush. Or my copy of Lock and Key. Or my pants. You know the drill. I know there are people who just toss a few items into a sassy carry-on, throw it over their shoulder with a jaunty smile, and then head off to the airport. Of course, I don’t KNOW any of these people, because I would probably hate them. But they must exist, right? Somewhere?

2. In other book news, I did an interview over at Book Chic, where there is also a contest you can enter to win signed ARCs of Lock and Key and some other prizes. I believe there is a guest blog coming soon, as well. That’s right: I’m blogging freaking EVERYWHERE right now. Here, on my Amazon pages, other people’s blogs, you name it. The blog tour is more exhausting than the real one! (Okay, not really. But you get the point.)

3. Serious nerd alert: when I was in NYC, I came down into baggage claim, where all the hired limo drivers stand around with signs so their passengers can find them. I was just walking along—probably obsessing about what I’d forgotten to pack–when one sign caught my eye. It said CUSACK. And okay, so there are probably a million Cusacks out there, but since I was in New York, I was convinced it was John Cusack. So much so that I seriously considered just, you know, hanging around for awhile to see if he came strolling by, and probably would have if 1) I wasn’t late already and 2) was a little bit nervous airport security would find me suspicious. So, I never found out if it was him. But can you imagine if it had been? Best.Celeb.Sighting.Ever. Sigh.

4. Also in NYC, I had some time to kill in the airport, so I went into a little store that sold toys and stuff for kids, thinking I’d bring something home for the baby. I picked out a book—it’s about peek-a-boo, her favorite thing right now—and plastic car that pops when it rolls, and was on my way to the register when I passed an entire rack of Sesame Street characters. Now, we haven’t really watched any TV yet (I’m sure you’re shocked, but it’s totally true) but I do love Sesame Street, so I figured I’d pick her up something. But then I had to choose. Bert? Ernie? Big Bird? Grover? Elmo? I mean, how can you even decide? In the end, I went with my favorite: Bert. I know, most people like Ernie better. But Bert is so my type. A little nervous, a little controlling. He’d never forget his lint roller, but would worry endlessly that he might. I would like Sasha to grow up to be more like, say, Big Bird, all happy and wise, but for now I just feel a little bit of comfort whenever I see Bert hanging out in her toy box. Is that totally selfish of me? Probably. But there it is.

5. Finally, for a number five, another five things: My Shortlist. Regular readers of this blog will know how hard it was for me to pick ONLY five things to recommend. I was getting all High Fidelity about it, freaking out that I would leave out something major and then not be able to sub it back in. (Hello, Bert!) Anyway, in the end I just picked the first five things that popped into my head when I thought about stuff I was really loving right now. Also, I have this feeling that if I keep mentioning Ben Lee in interviews and blogs and stuff like this, he might JUST somehow stumble across it and find out how much I love him. Which is so stalker-ish it’s creepy. Still, worth a shot, right?

Have a good weekend, everyone!

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