I want to give a big thanks to everyone who came out to see me at Politics and Prose last week. It was a GREAT event, and I was amazed at how many people turned out on a beautiful Friday afternoon. I especially was impressed with Jaclyn, who came from NJ—and Jaclyn’s dad, who drove her from NJ—and these two boys who waited in a LOOONG line to get signed copies of Lock and Key for their girlfriends. They also got their pictures taken with me, which was so sweet I could hardly even stand it. I wish I could remember the names of the girls they bought books for, but suffice to say they have, in my opinion, the best boyfriends ever. And they were SUPER cute, also. Not that I notice such things, of course….

I don’t have any pictures from Politics and Prose (I am so slack these days, I swear) but I did find these shots from the party for Viking Children’s Books I attended last week in New York. To the left is my superfab editor, Regina Hayes, during her speech. On the right, that’s authors Lizbeth Zindel and Laurie Halse Anderson, Doug Whiteman, president of Penguin Books for Young Readers, me, and author Susane Colasanti.

Thanks to Susane, who pointed me to this picture, which I would have otherwise totally missed because I am so behind on my email. Whoops!

Anyway. Now I’m back and resting up for Thursday, when I’ll be in the Atlanta area doing two events, and then back home to do Quail Ridge books in Raleigh on Saturday. (Info on times and locations are here.) Kind of a whirlwind, but we are managing pretty well, thanks to the help of our families and babysitters and friends. I was so wiped out from the last week that I decided there was only one thing I could do on Saturday:

The first of the season! Got a little heavy-handed on the paprika, but no matter. They were delicious.

It was my intention to take Sunday as a rest day. Catch up on my sleep, get organized, take a few deep breaths to get ready for the week ahead, and finally get around to watching the new Grey’s Anatomy from Thursday. I was just about to climb into bed for a LOONG nap when I got a call from my husband. He’d done a header off his bike and was en route to the emergency room, where we then spent the next five hours or so waiting around, getting Xrays, and, thankfully, finding out nothing was broken. Whew! Still, it’s one thing to watch a show about a hospital, another to spend an entire day there. No fun. And no McDreamy, either. Which would have made it much, much better.

All’s well that ends well, though, as my dad (and Shakespeare) would say. Now it’s Monday and a new week, and I’m turning over a new leaf. And, um, drinking another cup of coffee. Or two.

Have a great day, everyone!
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