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The Thursday Three!

1. Yes, I’m posting early and two less, as I’ll be in Atlanta tomorrow morning. I’m doing two readings there today: one at 3:30 pm at the Barnes and Noble on the North Point Parkway in Alpharetta, and then one at the Decatur library, in Decatur, at 7:00 pm. Check out my news page for full details and information. I also want to thank the person who wrote in awhile back when I first posted these dates who was very concerned about traffic and me getting from one event to the other. Because of you, there have been many conversations and plans about my transit, so hopefully I will have no trouble getting to either event on time.

2. I didn’t get to see Baby Mama last weekend—too busy being a mama to my own baby—but I heard from my cousin Barb, whose opinions I trust, that it was funny and worth seeing. I have said here before how much I love Amy Poehler, and maybe it’s new mom intuition, but a few weeks back I was watching SNL and I thought, “She’s pregnant.” It wasn’t like she was showing all that much, or maybe even at all. But something was different. But then the weeks passed, and she was doing all this press for the movie and never mentioned it, and then I saw her on SNL again and she didn’t have a bump or anything, so I thought, maybe I’m wrong. But I wasn’t! So yay for Amy. Can you see her and Tina Fey at the park together with their kids? I SO can. And, um, yay me for getting something right these days. (On a related note: to the person who wrote in—I think it was you, Carla?—saying they admired so much how I was juggling everything? It is AN ILLUSION. Trust me. If you were here in my house, you’d see stuff falling EVERYWHERE.)

3. Finally—which seems weird to say, after only three entries—can I just say how nice it is to have fresh episodes of all my shows again? When I finally settled in to watch the new Grey’s from last week, I’d forgotten how much I LOVED that show. Five minutes in, it all came back. Same with The Office, which had me totally verklempt, I can’t even stand it! It’s kind of like you’re friends with someone, see them a lot, and then they go away. You’re sad, but then you adjust over time and don’t miss them so much. When they come back, there’s always that fleeting moment of awkwardness, like, will it be the same again? Sometimes it is, sometimes not. I am happy to say that me and my shows are still BFFs. Hooray!

Now I’m going to grab my suitcase and head off to the airport. Again. Wheeee!

4. Okay, QUICK add of a number four: after writing this entry last night to post today, I found out that Lock and Key will hit the NYT Bestseller list a week from Sunday at NUMBER TWO! YEAH! Thank you SO MUCH to everyone for all your support and making this possible. You guys are the best. (Also, Just Listen remains on the paperback list at #3. Double yeah!) My cup runneth over. Seriously. Talk about verklempt. I better go before I embarrass myself…..

Have a good day, everyone!

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