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So here we are at Monday, and things have (finally) kind of calmed down a bit. I’ve had such a blast doing all my promotion stuff—emergency room trips and babysitter crises aside—but it is nice to finally be at home and know I don’t have to go anywhere, at least anytime soon. This weekend, I did a lot of laundry, hung out with my baby (who has learned to clap AND crawl really fast) and tried to catch up on my sleep. And somehow, it is now May. How did THAT happen?

I’ve mentioned here before that I feel that I used to be oh so organized and together, and now….well, not so much. Case in point: on Saturday, I was at Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh, getting ready to go out and speak, when I realized that 1) I had a Banana Republic security tag and 2) a dry cleaning tag both stuck to my dress. Which I have owned for, like, years. Sigh. There was a time when I would have planned my outfit out days in advance, tried on multiple pairs of shoes to find the Perfect Ones, and devoted ample time to Looking My Best. Instead, I threw on what was clean, and found myself grabbing some nearby scissors in the Quail Ridge back room to clip off my tags. But oh, well. The people that came out didn’t seem to mind. And that’s all that matters, right?

I also used to be really good about taking pictures at all my events. But this time, I kept forgetting, although I did still manage to get a few.

Here’s the line at my signing in Alpharetta, where the staff took SUCH good care of me:

and signing books:

And here’s me with Micah, Paige, Catherine (not Cat!) and Emma, who came out to see me in Decatur:

Finally, my crowd at Quail Ridge on Saturday (not bothered by lack of Looking My Best, at least I hope not)

Thanks again to everyone who has come out to see me, especially those of you who have traveled great distances, like Elizabeth, from Florida, and Robyn, also from Florida, and the girls from South Carolina and Massachusetts, as well as the adults who trekked along with them. I can only hope it was worth the trip. Security and dry clean tags and all.

My daughter is clapping at me. We all need a hand now and then, right?
Have a good day, everyone!

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