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Today is Election Day here in NC, and while I have already voted—did not want to deal with long lines with baby in tow—I am still finding myself getting a bit caught up in the excitement. Especially because never before in my lifetime (that I remember, anyway) has North Carolina’s primary had ANY importance as far as the nominations go, as they are usually all sewn up by this point. So it’s been kind of crazy to see both Hillary and Barack all OVER our fine state, courting us like crazy. Yesterday Barack was in downtown Durham; a few days ago, Hillary did a speech from Graham, which is just a little ways up the road from us. Not to mention that Bill Clinton seems to have hit every single town around us. So crazy! If you are an NC resident and registered to vote, I urge you to GET OUT and DO IT TODAY! For all the regular reasons, as well as the fact that this may be the last time anyone cares about us like this. We need to take advantage!

In other news, I’ve been so caught up with the release of Lock and Key that I have neglected to mention the fact that The Truth About Forever is now available in the UK! Sporting a jazzy new cover, as well:

The people at Penguin UK have done SUCH a great job with Just Listen, and I’m thrilled to see TTAF now in their hands as well. You can buy it here from Amazon, or check out your local bookseller.

Finally, it is really beginning to feel like summer. Warm days, everything blooming, flip flop weather and…..the annual summer cold. The baby and I both have it. I was thinking it might be allergies, but no. Still, I guess it is a kind of rite of passage. I always get a little sick RIGHT as summer begins and at the end of a book tour. It’s tradition! Although not the best one. But oh, well.

Off to blow my nose. Again.

Have a good day, everyone!
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