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So I FINALLY got around to watching the Oprah with the Sex and the City cast, and it got me even more excited about seeing the movie. I figured it had to be coming out this weekend, or maybe next. But NO. May 30th! That’s THREE WEEKS from this Friday. Now, I get that Oprah has her show schedule, and the season is ending, and all that. But it seems kind of cruel to get us all pumped up and then make us wait. What makes it even harder is that I am trying my best to avoid all spoilers, so the plot can be a surprise. Which means that as the release date DOES get closer, I’m going to have to go into media blackout mode, which is challenging when, like me, you are pretty much addicted to the internet. We’ll see how I do. In the meantime, I guess I’ll just bust out my DVDs of the entire series and start watching my favorite episodes to get myself pumped up. Not the same, but it will have to do. And there are worse things, right?

(At least there’s a really good website for the movie. Not that I’ve fully checked it out, thanks to the media blackout.)

Meanwhile, my daughter is now a total speed demon with the crawling. Just a week ago she was still kind of tentative, making her way slowly across the floor. Now, it’s ON. She slaps her hands on the carpet, grunts, and makes a beeline for the most dangerous thing in the room, every single time. I had no idea our house—and the world—was so perilous until I got down the floor with her to check things out from her level. Hard table edges! Gates where fingers can get stuck! Rolling chairs that can…well, roll! I mean, good gracious. I feel like unless I put her in a plastic bubble or a Nerf suit, there’s no way to keep her totally safe, but I guess that’s life. I can’t protect her from everything. I wish I could. I wish I could protect everyone I love from every single bad thing out there, pack them all into plastic bubbles and Nerf suits and know they were okay, every moment of every day. But that wouldn’t be much of a life. So I guess you just have to sit back and cringe, and bite your nails, and just hope that somehow everyone’s able to negotiate those hard table edges and sticky gates and big wheels rolling all around them. You have to because that’s all you CAN do. It’s as simple as that.

*reads over entry*

Whoa, that got a little deep all of a sudden, didn’t it? Sorry about that. Maybe it’s because I’ve been up since 5:30? Hmmm….

Have a good day, everyone!
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