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I’m still taking a blog vacation. Really. But I couldn’t let this go without at least commenting.

Kelly Taylor returns to 90210! YESSSSSS! That means that Dylan could too, right? If they DID go off into the sunset together (and in my mind, they did).

I hope everyone had a GREAT Mother’s Day. I got to sleep and shop and watch my daughter pull herself up to her feet for the first time. All wonderful, wonderful things. My plans for the rest of the week involve more sleeping, much more babyproofing, and lots of reading—I’m in the middle of Lionel Shriver’s The Post Birthday World, and Meg Cabot’s newest, Airhead, comes out tomorrow. Yay! And then there’s chocolate to eat, and Top Chef to watch, and, and….

Okay, I’m crawling back underground now, stat!

Have a great day, everyone!
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