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This morning, I heard a story on NPR about how reality shows use sleep deprivation to create drama. Can I just say that, as someone who has not slept straight through a night in over eight months, that I TOTALLY understand this? Before I had my baby, I only thought of sleep deprivation as something the military used to torture people. Oh, and there was also that time that Mariah Carey had her meltdown, and once, when her publicist was dragging her away from a microphone, she was saying, “Sleep deprivation is REAL, people!” So I totally should have trusted that both the military and Mariah knew what they were talking about. But let me say, I have learned it on my own. A few nights of really fragmented sleep, plus long days, means SERIOUS trouble for me. Moodiness, weepiness…all the stuff that, yes, really does work better on a reality show than in, say, your own personal reality.

Which is why this little break I’ve been taking has been so nice. I have been doing a LOT of sleeping. As well as resting, which is that thing when you’re NOT running around madly every waking moment, doing a hundred things at once. And you know what? Less drama. I feel better. Who knew? Next time, I will listen to Mimi.

In other news, does anyone else feel kind of cheated that we waited SO LONG for new episodes of all our shows, and now they’re already doing season finales? I know it’s not their fault, they only have so much time, but still. I wish I had a few more new Offices, and Greys, to hold me over for the summer. Last year, I got hooked on Brothers and Sisters, Friday Night Lights and House over the summer. This time, I’m thinking about checking out The Wire (which people who love are CRAZY in love with) and maybe Everwood, which people who love think I will love as well. It’s always so fun to find a great new show, or a new to you show. I don’t think anything can be as great as discovering FNL. But you never know…

Finally, because I am resting so as to avoid The Drama and don’t know when I’ll post next, a reminder: I’m doing my last local reading for awhile this weekend, on Sunday the 18th, at 2pm at McIntyre’s Fine Books at Fearrington Village. So come out, say hello, check out the cows—always a great part of going to Fearrington—and see me in a calm, rested state. Hopefully.

I hope you are ALL having a good week. Drama-free!

Have a great day, everyone!
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