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The Friday Five!

1. I have long suspected it, but now, via the Newsweek website, here is proof: YA books are hot. It’s a great time to be writing for teens, and I have to say I could not be happier that this is my job. There’s so much great stuff out there now to read, and so many amazing authors. My feeling is, the more voices, the better the chance that every teen will find something they can relate to. And that is a GREAT thing.

2. Thanks so everyone who wrote in with suggestions for new shows for me to watch. I have to say, though, that a couple of people warned me about getting into Everwood, as there is only one season available on DVD, and they feared I would get totally hooked (they know me well) and then be disappointed that I couldn’t watch the rest. So maybe I should wait until more are available, and just watch LOST or The Wire instead? Decisions, decisions….

3. Just a final reminder that I’ll be at McIntyre’s Fine Books, at Fearrington, in Pittsboro, this coming Sunday, the 18th, at 2pm. (Good God there were a lot of commas in that sentence. Sorry!) It’s my last local event for awhile so come out if you can. And, as I mentioned before, there will be cows. Not that I’m bringing any personally: they live there. But still, always a bonus.

4. Yesterday, we had to go get some paperwork done for an insurance thing. I was sitting with this one woman who was filling out forms and I happened to look over as she was writing. Her handwriting was SO PERFECT. I just had to comment on it. She laughed and said, “It’s the nuns!” Apparently, penmanship was big in the Catholic school she attended. Personally, after having several letters returned because the mailman couldn’t read my writing, and my husband basically going on strike as far as grocery shopping because he couldn’t read my list, I have begun to write in ALL CAPS for CLARITY. It slows me down, makes me take more care. Still not as perfect as the insurance woman’s. But I am not shooting for perfect these days. In fact, I’m working on a pass/fail kind of mentality, which is much less stressful. By those standards, I’m doing Just Fine, thank you. And it is enough.

5. Finally, my daughter has now progressed to babbling. Her newest thing to say is, “Da-da.” Now, I know she’s just making noises. But I still find myself responding by saying, “Ma-ma. Ma-ma!” Yesterday I was feeding her, and I said, “Mama is your favorite! Ma-ma!” She smiled all big and said, “Da-da! Da-Da!” So there you go. To be honest, my husband has always been the favorite. He is friendlier and funnier and better at housecleaning. But I was hoping for an edge with the person who CAME FROM MY BODY. Guess not. But that’s okay! It’s still a high pass, right?

Have a great weekend, everyone!
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