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I’m back, after a week of rest and a whirlwind weekend, which included both my mother’s 70th birthday party (which was a blast) AND my reading at McIntyre’s Bookshop, which was equally fabulous. Thanks to everyone who came out yesterday afternoon. It was a great crowd and a great time, and the best way I can imagine to wrap up my readings for Lock and Key, at least for the time being. Always good to go out on a high note, right?

In related news, a lot of folks have been emailing and asking if they can buy a necklace like the ones we gave away at the bookstore events:

In a word, yes. Just get in touch with the folks at William Travis Jewelry. I know a few people have already gotten ones, which is really flattering and nice. Personally, I love mine, and have been wearing it constantly, which is probably the height of narcissism, but oh, well.

I have to admit, taking a little break from everything—online stuff, email, general work stress—last week was REALLY nice. I actually started to relax, which was crazy because I hadn’t really realized I was so tightly wound. (Although my friends and family, who were constantly having to kind of recoil from my whirling dervish state of busy-ness, had a better idea). Now I’ve resurfaced just in time to realize that summer is SO CLOSE, which means it just might be okay to stay in this lower gear. Not that I don’t want to be blogging, and keeping up with my celebrity gossip and TV shows, but the summer is a great time to just sloooooow down a bit, and with Memorial Day right around the corner I’m already thinking about how I’m going to spend this, my favorite season. Like, going to the beach. (Didn’t make it last year, too big and hot and pregnant.) And going to movies. And eating strawberries, and deviled eggs, and reading GREAT books, and watching my daughter enjoy her first summer. Plus there’s turning 38 (yikes) my 20th high school reunion (double yikes) and my first flying trip with the baby (can’t even think about it yet, too much of a yikes). Suffice to say, there’ s a lot ahead. So much, in fact, that I’m only a little bit sad to see these weeks of promotion, and the attendant excitement, slowly slip behind me. There’s a whole season, just waiting to be started. So much potential. As you regular readers of my books know, I love what a summer can offer. Can’t wait to see what happens in this one.

Have a great day, everyone!