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Tuesday afternoon, and we are under yet another severe weather warning. I swear, is it just me or has this already been a REALLY rough season in terms of storms and stuff? The other night I was sound asleep when I woke up to the loudest banging sound right over my head. It scared the CRAP out of me. Turned out it was hailing, hard, tons of hailstones pinging off our metal roof at once. Yikes! I have always been so nervous about severe storms, to the point of paranoia, to be honest. Once I was so convinced a tornado was headed our way that I dragged my dog Elwood (a Great Dane mix, over a hundred pounds) all the way to the bathroom and tried to make him get into the bathtub with me, as I’d heard that was the safest place to be. He thought I was trying to give him a bath, though, and fought every step of the way. Not exactly the best storm safety plan.

Anyway. After the storms, it’s always nice. Everything’s all clean and dripping and it just feels…new. Like another chance, a fresh start. I guess you have to ride out the dark clouds and the downpours, the winds and the bouncing hailstones to get to that place, and it’s worth it. Even if you have to do it in the bathtub, with your huge dog clawing at you the entire time.

In other news, today I went for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. (Yes, in the first posting of this blog entry I said “Cheesesteak Factory.” I have NO excuse other than…well, nothing. Sorry!) Can I just say that this is the absolute LAST place for someone indecisive, like myself? The menu is SO LONG and SO VARIED I was about to have a nervous breakdown. My husband was like, “Where are the sandwiches?” and I said, “Page eight.” Yes, that’s right. EIGHT. And that was early on. I was so overwhelmed by all the choices that when the waitress came to take our order I just panicked and picked the last thing I’d looked at, which was a turkey burger. Which we’d had for dinner, like, two days ago. So lame! I never get out anymore and when I do, I choke. If I’d really taken my time, though, we would have been there forever, which is not an option when you have an eight and a half month old at the table. I have mastered speed eating, I tell you. I can eat standing up, with one hand, in under five minutes. Not good for your digestive system, surely, but whatever. You do what you have to do.

Okay, BIG crack of lightning. Gotta go!
Have a good day, everyone!
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