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Dinner is on, I always SWEAR to myself I’ll be off the computer by 7pm—or close to it—so here are three quick things, before I forget:

1. I’ve heard from a few people that the tests on my website (which Sarah Dessen Character Are You and Which How to Deal Character Are You) are not working. So I’m removing them, because the truth is they are REALLY out of date anyway, as they don’t include Just Listen or Lock and Key. It is my goal, though, to get some new tests up sometime this summer. So stay tuned! And thanks, as always, for your interest. It means so much, you have no idea.

2. I just finished Lionel Shriver’s The Post-Birthday World, and let me just say it was GREAT. Such an artfully written novel, like a master class. I was totally hooked, could NOT put it down, and went to bed early several nights because I couldn’t wait to get back to it (the highest praise you can give a novel, in my opinion). I read Shriver’s We Need To Talk About Kevin last summer, and it totally freaked me out, as it was SO good as well, but about a disturbing subject matter. But this book is even better, more nuanced, just really compelling. I highly recommend it. Can you tell? Now it’s on to my friend Kerry Reichs’ first novel, The Best Day of Someone Else’s Life, which is the perfect summer book, ideal for Memorial Day weekend and beyond. Yay for having time to read again! You moms promised it would happen, and you were right.

3. I spent half my afternoon today—and thus half my writing time—dealing with my neighbor’s dog, who keeps escaping the electric fence and running loose in the neighborhood. Also a problem: once you load him in your car, he will NOT GET OUT. Like, you have to drag him. Then you take him home, and he gets loose again. It is an endless cycle, and yet we keep doing it, because it’s what we’d want someone to do if they found our dogs running around. Still: I think now, if you want a fence, get a real one. Like, for serious. Or else a lazy dog with no travel aspirations. That might work too.

Okay, it’s now 7:11. Time to shut down…

Have a good day, everyone!
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