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The Friday Five!

1. Today is the first day of Memorial Day weekend, which is the official beginning of summer. Personally, I’m not going to the beach, just staying here, attending a wedding party, and making plans for a cookout and deviled eggs. Simply put, a great start. A little umbrella in my drink wouldn’t be bad either. Why not? It’s summer!

2. I am proud to say that I stuck to my pledge of avoiding American Idol pretty much completely this year. Okay, I caved once, during Mariah Carey week. But there was nothing else on! Otherwise, I remained happily oblivious, and It Was Good. I did not know David from David, and that was all right. Of course, some might say that I traded one reality show for another, considering I am obsessed with Top Chef now, but I like to think they are VERY different. I mean, on Top Chef, you have Padma Lakshmi. On Idol, Paula Abdul. Enough said.

3. I have still not watched 27 Dresses. Is that sad or what? Does Netflix penalize you if you keep your movies too long? Is there someone out there, waiting, waiting, WAITING for this movie, while it sits on top of my shelf, idle? Could I feel any more guilty about random things in my life?

4. Congrats to Meg Cabot, whose newest book, Airhead, hit the NYT Bestseller List this week. Hooray! Meg recently ran a contest on her website, where she asked people who they would swap lives with if they could. I have been thinking about this question ever since. Who would I switch with? Maybe Padma Lakshmi. She is gorgeous, is on Top Chef, and seems to be very cultured about wine and food and fine things, which I am not. Writing wise, I would switch with Anne Tyler, because she is amazing and prolific and doesn’t seem to worry a bit about anything other than her craft, which is so admirable. Other days, though, I would switch with my daughter, if only because the world is so funny and amazing to her, and she lives so happily, not worrying about anything, period. Which means I am doing my job right, I guess.

5. So I’m a week late, but can I just say that the finale of The Office left me all conflicted? Really sad for Jim—talk about getting the wind taken out of your sails—and happy for Dwight (who I guess you’re not supposed to like, but I secretly do). All in all, a great end to a good season, one I look forward to watching again over the summer. The strike left everything so fragmented, I’m ready for some cohesion. And while I am still not sure whether I want to risk getting hooked on Everwood, I have it on good authority that I am receiving the DVD set of the BBC’s Pride and Prejudice, starring Colin Firth, for my birthday. I hear that this set is a SERIOUS addiction. But it is also SERIOUS LITERATURE, so I don’t have to feel guilty. And that is also a great thing for summer. Hooray!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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