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The Friday Five!

1. Thanks to everyone for the kind words about my husband and his injury, you guys are the best. We find out today when it’s all happening, which will be nice because this whole Not-Being-Able-To-Make-a-Real-Plan thing is TOTALLY hard for a control freak like myself.

2. Speaking of which, you can read about my general neurosis in this little essay I wrote for Powell’s Bookstore. (Incidentally, I did not call it Control Freak: they did. But I can’t really quibble, can I?) Two other things currently going on, book-wise: first, Lock and Key is featured at Plug Into Penguin, where you can enter to win a copy of the book, check out a Q&A, and see my Lock and Key playlist. You can also get the skinny (so to speak) on a bunch of other great titles for summer. And for you Australian fans, check out Between the Lines, which features Just Listen as the Book of the Month. I’ll be doing some blogging there next week, so drop by and say hello.

3. It’s official: Tori Spelling is coming back to 90210. Yeah! With Donna and Kelly both on board, can Dylan really be that far behind? I mean, at LEAST give us a Luke Perry cameo. Maybe he could be, you know, bringing Kelly’s lunch to school one day or something? Barring that, maybe he could just bring ME lunch? Oh, a girl can dream. Sigh.

4. Sex and the City comes out TODAY. I really, really want to see it this weekend, but I am going to avoid all reviews and spoilers, in case domestic issues make this impossible. Truth is, I don’t care what anyone else thinks about the movie. I will like it no matter what, because I love the characters and I’ll just be happy to see them again. It’s honestly one of the only movies I’m excited about for summer. Now if they can just make movie follow ups to ALL my canceled shows. Veronica Mars, anyone? I bet Luke Perry is available!

5. I have recently had my first experience with Ebay, and can I just say it is NOT my cup of tea? We’ve been trying to sell this bike frame of my husband’s, and the entire experience is about to give me a nervous breakdown. There’s so much STUFF you have to do before you can even get anything up, and then all the questions, and then more security forms. Maybe I’m doing something wrong (entirely likely) but it just feels like a full time job. Give me Facebook or LJ, THAT I can handle. You’d think a shopping site would be just my thing, by apparently not. Oh, well….

Have a good weekend, everyone!
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