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This weekend, I DID get to Sex and City (and I wasn’t alone, judging by the huge amount it made, topping the box office and exceeding all expectations). I have to say, it was SO much fun. Everyone in the theater was clearly a fan, judging by the squeals when certain characters (Stanford, Anthony, etc) appeared. Okay, so it was a little bit long. But did I care? Nope. It could have been four hours and I would have sat there happily. It had been ages since I’d been to a movie, I was with good friends (Courtney and Shelley, who I watched the SATC finale with, all those years ago) and we had popcorn. What more could a girl want? Plus, everyone clapped at the end, which I thought was so cute.

(The best part, honestly, was sitting next to Courtney, who gasped during every flash of nudity. I have to admit, I kept getting surprised by it as well, although why, I have no idea. Maybe I’ve been watching too much PG-13 lately?)

The rest of the weekend was spent taking yet another stab at tomatoes this year, as our first group were already eaten by the deer. Loyal readers will remember that last year I planted tomatoes on my porch, inside the fence, to thwart the deer, only to have one tomato grow before the entire plant was eaten by squirrels. So this year, we planted them in this little enclosure we have, planning to wrap them in chicken wire, but then the deer got them before could. Enter plan C: a full-on wire enclosure, with a top, intended to keep out both deer and squirrels. I bought four plants yesterday and put them in it, and am hoping for the best. But watch: now a rabbit will tunnel in from beneath, or something. Okay, that’s not positive. But considering by history, can you blame me?

Oops, baby’s escaping from the playroom. Gotta go!

Have a good day, everyone!

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