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Okay, so I have a question for those of you who have read Lock and Key. There’s been some confusion—at least judging by some emails I’ve received—about the ending, and I’m concerned that it might not be clear. But most of the people I’ve talked to HAVE gotten it, so I’m not sure if I should think about clarifying, or leave it as is. Because a discussion of this issue means REVEALING the ending, though, you should NOT, I repeat NOT click on the link below unless you have already read the book and want to weigh in.

Seriously. Don’t do it.

You’ll be sorry if you haven’t read the book already!

All right. So some people seem to be confused about what key Ruby gives Nate at the airport, when he’s leaving for his mom’s. This is the paragraph in question:

“The clasp of my necklace was stubborn at first, and when I took the key to the yellow house off, I noticed how worn it was. Especially in comparison to the bright, shiny new one to Jamie and Cora’s, which I slid onto the chain in its place. Then I took Nate’s hand, turning it upward, and pressed them both into his palm.”

People seem to think it’s the key to the yellow house, and then are confused when she HAS that key at the very end to throw into the pond. But: the key she gives Nate isn’t that one, it’s the key to Cora and Jamie’s. She takes off her necklace, takes the yellow house key off, then puts the key to Cora’s ON the necklace and gives that to Nate. So that’s how she ends up with the yellow house key at the end.

Did everyone get that? Or is it super confusing? If you have an opinion, please weigh in. And thanks in advance!

Have a good day, everyone….
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