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An Entry of Updates:

1.I FINALLY watched 27 Dresses last night. It was very cute and enjoyable, actually better than I expected. And now I can free myself of Netflix guilt by sticking it back in the mail. If you’ve been waiting for it, you’re welcome!
2. Thank you to everyone for your comments about the end of Lock and Key, which were very informative and illuminating. I think I may tweak that one paragraph a bit for the reprints, just to make sure things are clear. Much appreciated.
3. My tomatoes are still standing. Take that, wildlife!
4. Our Ebay auction ended, but the guy who won lives in the Czech Republic and now isn’t answering my emails. Sigh.
5. Lock and Key and Just Listen both remain on the NYT list, at numbers 4 and 10 respectively. Craziness!
6. I turn 38 tomorrow. Dear God, how did THAT happen?

Have a good day, everyone!
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