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Following tradition, here are 38 things I am thankful for on this, my 38th (gulp) birthday:
1.My daughter, who made this year the best yet, hands down.
2. My husband.
3. My family.
4. My dogs.
5. My friends.
6. Red velvet cake.
7. The return of 90210!
8. Ben Lee.
9. Lock and Key being released and well received.
10. Deviled eggs.
11. Top Chef.
12. David Sedaris has a new book out!
13. Air conditioning. (Especially today, when it’s going to hit 100.)
14. The Moonakis River and Waquoit Bay.
15. Sleeping in. (All I want for my birthday, truly.)
16. My baby’s laugh. (The best sound in the world.)
17. The lilies blooming on my porch. (Squirrels be damned!)
18. New Nars blush.
19. Lantern Restaurant, Chapel Hill, NC.
20. Scrubs on DVD, so many seasons to go!
21. Shrimp burgers at the beach in September.
22. Dark chocolate.
23. The smell of honeysuckle in the early morning.
24. The possibility of a Sex and the City sequel.
25. Tim Riggins. Tim Riggins. Tim Riggins! (so nice, gotta say it thrice)
26. Birthday money to spend on a pedicure.
27. The Democratic primary race is finally over!
28. Having learned to ignore my email occasionally.
29. Daylight past 8pm.
30. Goodnight Moon.
31. Havianas flip flops.
32. The word “ya’ll,” (said without mockery).
33. Naps.
34. Clem Snide’s “All Green” (“Summer will come, with Al Green and sweetened ice tea….”)
35. The last sentence of the writing day. Especially when it’s a good one.
36. Carrburritos, Carrboro NC
37. Being done with Ebay forever!
38. A brand new year, starting today.

I hope you all have a great weekend. Stay cool!
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