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So I thought about just writing an entry all normal and all, but in the interest of full disclosure I feel compelled to share that I am writing this from a hospital waiting room, where I am sitting while my husband gets his surgery. You may be thinking, “Good God, if there was ever a time NOT to blog, this must be it!” but the truth is I REALLY need a distraction right now. So here I am.

Also, it is FREEZING here. What is it about hospitals and hotels? No matter what the temperature outside, the A/C is always cranked.

Anyway. So I’m here, with all these other folks who are waiting. And a woman who is blantantly eating in front of a sign that says NO FOOD, which I have to admit is somewhat admirable (especially because I just trucked down two floors to eat a banana: I am such a rule follower, I swear). I have never really been comfortable in hospitals, even though I know that they are workplaces, like any other. You’d think that the fact that I’ve been watching Scrubs pretty much nonstop for the last few weeks would have desensitized me a bit to the gurneys and wheelchairs and hospital gowns and all that, but it’s still a little unsettling. Between my mom being sick and having the baby and now this, I’ve been here a LOT in the last year. Let’s hope this is the last time for awhile.

Why, oh, why didn’t I bring a sweater? Or at least wear long sleeves? You’d think I would have remembered this whole arctic cold thing.

The craziest part about this whole thing is that while we were waiting, my husband’s nurse started talking to him about his bike accident, and it turns out HE’S a big mountain biker as well. I mean, honestly! Here I am trying to get my husband to consider a safer hobby (like, say, stamp collecting, or needlepoint) but what is he doing in the minutes before going in to get his broken sternum repaired? Talking about the one thing that caused it in the first place with as much excitement and enthusiasm as ever. Honestly.

Okay, there HAS to be a warmer spot in here somewhere. Maybe I’l go sit under a light…..

Have a good day, everyone!
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