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After a weekend spent getting readjusted to not having to go back and forth to the hospital—which I am SO glad to be done with—things are slowly returning to somewhat normal around here. So much so that we have already moved onto new issues, such as the recently discovered fact that my daughter appears to be chewing the inside of her crib. I just noticed this yesterday, and I honestly don’t know when she’s been doing it. Plus, she only has two teeth! I mean, how much damage can you do with only two teeth? Apparently, more than you’d think. So today we have to pack up and head out to go look for something to cover the rail with. I am somewhat relieved that by the very existence of such products, as it means my child is not the only one who does this. But still.

In other news, a quick plug: I’ll be reading at the Durham County Library this coming Saturday, the 21st, at 2pm. So if you’re looking for something cool to do in the heat, come say hello. It’s the same day as my (gulp) twentieth high school reunion, which is kind of crazy. If you’d told me back then that in twenty years I’d be reading at a library from my EIGHTH book, I would have laughed in your face. Suffice to say, I did not have high expectations back then for my future. If any expectations at all….

Finally, can I just say how sad I am that Top Chef is over? We’ve been so into it, watching the previous seasons (which they were running on weekends) and the new one, but last night we watched our VERY last one on the DVR (the All Star cook-off) and now….well, I don’t know what. My husband refuses to watch Flipping Out, Work Out is over (and I was less than into it this year, for some reason). We are still working our way through Scrubs, which brings me so much joy I can’t even tell you. I’m thinking about trying The Wire, which is one of those shows that people who love, LOVE LOVE LOVE. They’re like I am about Friday Night Lights, that devoted. But it looks kind of depressing, which I’m not sure I can take right now. And then there’s Weeds, which starts a new season tonight, hooray! It’s the whole reason we have Showtime, no joke, Finally, it will start to be worth that extra ten bucks a month again. And at least it won’t make me hungry like Top Chef did. I swear I was eating more at night than ever before. NOT good for bathing suit season.

Okay, time to pack up baby and husband and head out to run errands. I am caretaker extreme these days. Need something carried? Opened? Tended to? I am your girl!

Have a good day, everyone!
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