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Since we learned that my husband can’t lift anything or drive for six weeks, life has changed around here considerably. And by changed, I mean that suddenly I am having to do a lot of stuff that I took for granted because HE was doing it for all these years. Like, say, bringing in the huge water bottles. And emptying the trash in the bathroom. But the biggest of all is the cleaning.

I am the first to admit that I hate doing housework. I am good at the little stuff: organizing the island, putting things away, doing a quick vacuum of the living room. But when it comes to all-out cleaning, I am LAZY. At least I can admit it, right? My friends were always in awe that I managed to find a guy who did housework, and the truth is my husband is really good at it. He is all about the Clorox Clean Up, and the rubber gloves, and getting down on the floor to do baseboards. Me, I kind of walk through, swatting a rag around halfheartedly, and call it done. It’s always worked out, though, because he knew this, and we agreed I’d focus instead on what I was good at, like keeping up with all the household bills and fixing the computer and making lots of lists. This is marriage: you divide and conquer.

Now, though, that’s not really an option. So my house is kind of a mess. I am trying to do better, really I am. But between taking care of the baby and the dogs and the husband, things are, well, falling a bit by the wayside. In fact, I SHOULD be vacuuming right now, while Sasha is sleeping, but instead I’m….playing to my strengths, and blogging. (See how I justified that? That’s another thing I’m good at.) On the brighter side, it’s been one week today since the surgery. Which means only five to go!


Okay, I have to go clean the bathroom now. I’ll just check a few websites first…..

Have a good day, everyone!
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