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The Friday Five!

1. Okay, so it IS Friday, right? I’ve been so thrown off of the days, not to mention the date lately…I swear, we’ve been so busy scrambling with everything it’s like it all just runs together. But okay, yes, Friday. Good to know!

2. My daughter has suddenly decided that she does not like her breakfast anymore. Like, at all. Used to be, she’d happily wolf down her multigrain rice cereal and bananas, but now she’s on a hunger strike and won’t tolerate either. Is this normal for nine months? She does like Cheerios, but you can’t just eat Cheerios. Can you? I have no idea how all this works, I swear. I can’t believe they let me come home with an actual human to raise. It’s kind of mind boggling, honestly. And I LOVE bananas, so this clearly isn’t my genes talking.

3. Weeds is back on Showtime, and I love it, as always. But ever since my friend Courtney pointed out to me that Mary Louise Parker almost ALWAYS is chewing a straw, or eating something, or jingling ice in a cup, I cannot focus on anything else. Is this supposed to be a character trait? Or is it just a M-L P. thing? It’s like when someone smacks their gum: once you hear it, you can hear NOTHING ELSE, ever. That said, loved the premiere, totally psyched for the new season. Straw chewing and all.

4. Speaking of TV, I keep seeing ads for this hospital reality show called Hopkins which is apparently like a real-life Grey’s Anatomy (or at least that’s how they’re plugging it) and is starting soon. Now, I know it’s summer and there’s not much on, but I just don’t know about this. I feel like I’ve spent enough time lately thinking about all things medical, and don’t know if I have it in me for more health-related drama. Those shows are always more fun when they have nothing to do with your actual life. Following that logic, though, what I SHOULD be watching is So You Think You Can Dance, as I am doing no dancing whatsoever lately. Also, my friend Courtney and awesome writer Sara Zarr are both totally addicted to it, and we tend to like the same things. So, yes. Dancing over Doctors. Now there’s an idea for a show!

5. Finally, someone recently sent me the link to this video a reader put together for This Lullaby, and I liked it so much I have to share. I don’t know who or where you are, but thank you:

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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