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I’m feeling a little wistful that I won’t be attending the American Library Association conference, which is happening this week. I didn’t get to go last year (too pregnant), and maybe I could have swung the trip this year if it wasn’t in California. I’m just not ready to have an entire country between me and my daughter yet (and even if I could, my husband’s surgery and subsequent restrictions on movement and driving would have made it a no go anyway). Still, I love the ALA conference. Partially because I love librarians (who doesn’t?) but also because it’s always so fun to catch up with other writers who I never get to see except at conferences. Plus, this year I would have gotten to see my VERY FAVORITE librarian, who is now also a newlywed. Congratulations again, Matt and Jenny! Anyway, if any of you are going, have a blast for me. I want all the details!

We were supposed to go to Cape Cod next week, but now that’s been postponed as well. Which means only one thing: we are back on for The Tour de France this year. Regular readers of this space know that my husband LOVES the Tour, and we have watched it faithfully for the last three years or so, ever since our neighbors, who are avid cyclists, got us into it. It is always a production. Big meals, lots of wine, LOTS of TV coverage, lots of people sitting around drinking said wine, eating said meals, and watching said coverage. Now, I’m a social person. I like having people over, especially now that my daughter goes to bed early enough so I can actually hang out and enjoy the company. But every year, I love the Tour….for about a week. I mean, I want to appreciate it the way everyone else does. I WANT to see it as the nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat event that it supposedly is. But after a little while, it’s just wheels going round and round for me. And it goes on EVERY DAY (with a couple of days off) for pretty much an entire month.

In the interest of keeping peace within my marriage, I’m coming up with alternative viewing options for myself. I figure I can have the meal, the wine, the cheese, and the socialization. Then, I can creep into the other room where….I have the DVD of the BBC Pride and Prejudice, which I am saving for July. Like the Tour, it’s set in Europe, there will be people in tight pants, and it’s full of tradition and history. When I’m done with that, I think I’ll move onto Mad Men, which I hear is GREAT. And if I run through that (entirely possible, I do have an entire month) there’s all the chick flicks I’ve missed lately. Like Definitely, Maybe (which just came out on DVD) and Dan in Real Life (which is not a chick flick, but seems kind of emotional anyway). Plus a new season of Intervention, which I stopped watching last year (too pregnant and emotional) but am now, I think, ready to take on again.

So that’s my plan. The Tour de Sarah. A full month of movies, TV, and maybe some deviled eggs thrown in for good measure. I will keep you posted on my standings and progress, starting on July 1. It’s not ALA (what is?) but it should be fun anyway.

Have a good day, everyone!