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The Friday Five!

1. Recently, I purchased a new toy for my daughter. It’s called The Happy Home, or something like that, and is basically a large plastic thing with a door she can open and shut, and a fake mailbox, and about a million really irritating sound effects that come from a little fake radio attached to the back. We just set it up yesterday, and right away she hit one button on the radio, which then said, “It’s bumper to bumper on the rainbow bridge!” My husband and I just looked at each other, totally creeped out. Because, if you don’t know, the Rainbow Bridge is the thing they always talk about when pets die. There’s a famous poem, or something, about how they cross the rainbow bridge but are still with us, or something. So you can understand why the idea of traffic on said bridge being bumper to bumper is a little morbid, to say the least. Luckily, my daughter does not yet have this association. Still, I think we’ll turn the sound effects off. I have enough to worry about.

2. I just started reading Tom Perrotta’s latest, The Abstinence Teacher, and I am LOVING it. I just really adore how he writes. His stories are just so real feeling, and he’s one of those writers that just makes it all look so easy: descriptions, dialogue, everything. I’m pretty much in awe whenever I read his stuff, and I wish this book would last forever, or at least until he has another new one. As it is I keep sneaking off to read whenever I can, slacking on just about everything else. The laundry is piling up, but I blame Tom Perrotta. I can’t help myself.

3. I can’t believe it is almost July. In fact, I had that moment of panic today that always comes when I realize the summer is going by entirely too fast, and I need to be enjoying it more. I mean, I haven’t even been to Maple View for ice cream yet! And I’ve only made deviled eggs once! I think we’ve been so busy with everything that’s going on that we haven’t been able to just SLLOOOWW down the way I like to, come summer. Maybe in July, though…

4. Maroon 5 is on GMA right now. They just played a new song, but now they’re doing “She Will Be Loved,” which is one of those songs that came out ages ago but is ALWAYS still on the radio. Remember how in Just Listen how Owen says how a song can bring you back to a place, or a time, and never changes? It’s weird, because this song for some reason has always made me think of Just Listen. Not for any specific reason, just that it was popular when I was writing it, I guess. But every time I hear it, I think of that book. Odd, I know. But you can’t control these associations, I guess. At least it’s a nice song, though.

5. Finally, my cousin Ben recently convinced me to sign up with a service called Twitter, and it’s a little scary because I am already kind of addicted. It’s like Facebook status updates, but just that, and all the time. You can even set it up so that you get people’s updates via text message, which I did with Ben, because I have all these text messages as part of my plan and never use them. It’s pretty neat, I have to say. I’ll just be hanging out with the baby, singing Old MacDonald or whatever, and my phone will beep. I’ll check it, and know that across the ocean, in the UK, Ben is deciding what to eat for lunch, or just bought a new CD, or is going to bed. It’s just sort of fun. Also, the only other text messages I tend to get are from my babysitters when they have to cancel on me, so I kind of had a bad association. Now it’s like, “It’s Ben!” Which makes me happy. Like Tom Perrotta, and “She Will Be Loved.” But not the rainbow bridge. No!

Have a good weekend, everyone!

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