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My daughter is ten months old today. Say it with me: how did THAT happen? Yikes. But she is such a joy, I can’t even tell you. Really, I can’t. Even for someone like me, who is never at a loss for them, when it comes to her there are sometimes no words.

(As far as her first words go, she’s still partial to “Da-da.” I only seem to get a “Mmm-Mmm,” noise when she is hungry or wants to be picked up. “Da-Da,” is joyous, “Mm-Mm” whiny. Gee. I wonder what THAT means?)

Anyway. In other news, it’s July, and supercool writer Laurie Halse Anderson—aka halseanderson—(author of Speak, and Twisted, and many others) has begun a month long writing challenge. All she’s asking is that you commit to fifteen minutes a day, and she’ll even help you with prompts. I mean, how often do you get to write alongside a famous, amazing author? And who doesn’t have five minutes to spare? (Okay, new moms, you are excused. Seriously. If you have fifteen minutes, you should be laying down, preferably asleep.) Anyway, it’s a great thing, and perfect for a summer activity.

Finally, we are fast approaching my favorite holiday, The Fourth of July, and the beginning of Le Tour (on Saturday) so blogging may be spotty over the rest of the week. Not that you all care, as you will probably all be at the beach, sitting in the sand. Lucky you! I will be here, trying to come up with The Perfect Holiday Meal. We’ve decided we cannot do hot dogs: that is too basic. Lobsters were a possibility, but they are seriously high maintenance (and who wants to have to put them in the water? Eeek.). So maybe fish tacos? Or SHRIMP tacos? Or maybe we should go with serious Americana and bust out the shishkabobs. (Yes, Spellcheck, I know that’s not right. Nor do I care!) I always like to do a big thing for the Fourth, when we celebrate summer being in full swing. So tonight, I’ll sit down with my cookbooks and recipe lists and really brainstorm. In the end, I might end up running to Bojangles for the Tailgate Special. But see, that’s okay too! That’s the great thing about summer. Anything goes. Even fried chicken. ESPECIALLY fried chicken.

Have a great day, everyone!
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