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Happy Fourth of July!

Just a quick note on this, one of my very favorite holidays. And what’s not to like? It’s summer, a three day weekend AND… looks like Brenda might return to the 90210 remake as well! (Don’t believe me? Here’s my source.) I also saw Luke Perry on Regis and Kelly yesterday (sporting a kind of unfortunate mustache, if I’m to be totally honest) but he nipped any speculation about HIM returning in the bud. Been there, done that, was pretty much what he said. Which I can appreciate. But still. You never know, right? Dylan always was a little unpredictable.

On a completely unrelated note, I know I mentioned my Twitter addiction here last week. I’ve been having some issues with my account—for some reason a lot of follower requests weren’t coming through, or something—so I’ve set up a new one. My username is sarahdessen, so if you’re on Twitter and tried to follow me but it didn’t work, please try again! I am following no one right now and kind of lonely. *sob*

Okay, not really that sad. How can I be? It’s the Fourth of July!

I hope you all have a great, safe, food-filled, fireworks-blasting holiday weekend. Now, to make deviled eggs….

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