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Okay: time for a confession.

So I had this iTunes credit I got for my birthday, and I’m tooling around on the site, looking for some new music. Bought a couple of Weezer songs, something by the Old 97s. And then, I see this thing about audiobooks. And they have Valerie Bertinelli’s book, Losing It: And Gaining My Life Back, One Pound At A Time. Now, I’ve written here before about how I was basically obsessed with One Day at a Time when I was a kid. So of course, I click on it. Next thing I know, I have the entire book on my IPod, and I’m basically inventing excuses to go out in the car by myself so I can listen to it.

I mean, it’s got everything! One Day At a Time, Eddie Van Halen (LOTS of Eddie Van Halen) food issues, dish about Steven Spielberg (he doesn’t like garlic!). I know, I know. I should be listening to War and Peace or something. But it’s just so fun. And the book I’m reading right now—Lionel Shriver’s A Perfectly Good Family—is kind of heavy, so this is the perfect pairing. Of course, I live in fear that someone will pull up beside me and hear Valerie Bertinelli reading about her sex life, and I will somehow have to explain myself. It does NOT sound like War and Peace. But still, so fun. I think next I’ll look for Tori Spelling’s book. There is no end to celebrity bios! Imagine all I will learn!

(Or, maybe don’t. That’s probably best.)

Speaking of things to love, last night as everyone was watching Le Tour, I crept into the other room and opened up my DVD collection. There on the shelf was My So Called Life, the entire series, which my editor gave me for Christmas last year. Score! I put in the one with the World Happiness Dance, and it was so, so good. They do say “like” a LOT on this show, though. It’s kind of like me with my “you know,” the sort of thing that once you notice it, you REALLY notice it. But still. So, so good. I plan on watching my favorite one of all time “Self Esteem,” next. If you’re a MSCL fan, you know which one it is: where, at the end, she’s in the hallway? And everyone’s watching? And he….

Sigh. It’s even better than dishing about being married to Eddie Van Halen. Seriously.

Have a good day, everyone!
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