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The Friday Five!

1. But, you say, it’s not Friday. It’s Thursday! We have already established, however, that I am a day ahead of myself this week. So that—and the fact that I have a very busy morning tomorrow, and time to do this now—makes it okay. So here we go.

2. This week, in the world of DVDs, both Heathers and Xanadu have been recently re-released in new editions. Now, these movies could not be more different, of course. Heathers is a dark comedy that gave us Christian Slater. Xanadu is a rollerskating musical that gave us Olivia Newton John as a muse. But, still. I loved them both at one time or another. Xanadu I was especially obsessed with, back in like sixth grade. It is SUCH a bad movie it is almost good. You know the type. Definitely worth a watch—as is Heathers, with a pre-9er Shannen Doherty!—if you haven’t seen either of them already.

3. Over the Fourth of July weekend, I bought a bag of Fritos just for fun. Now, it is the bane of my existence. It is a FAMILY size bag, which means there are so many of them, and I cannot stop myself from eating them. What is it about Fritos? Just knowing they are in the house sends all my willpower out the window. And during bathing suit season, no less. NOT a good thing.

4. The other day, I had Regis and Kelly on in the background as I puttered around the house. They were having a “High Heel A-Thon,” where basically women in three inch heels (!) sprinted for a $25,000 prize. It was INSANE. Kelly Ripa was participating, and she did her best, but MAN some of these women were fast. Like, crazy fast. In heels! The best part, though, was the sound of it, all these ladies running in heels. The woman who won ran track at Penn State. Where I am sure they did not run in three inch heels, which makes it that much more impressive.

5. My daughter has recently discovered how to shriek. Like, at will, and REALLY loudly. Ear-splitting, hair standing up on the back of your neck loudly. She’s very proud of herself, but all I can think of is when we fly to Cape Cod later this month. If there is a Mommy God, I am praying to it that she will be okay on the plane. Maybe sleeping is too much to ask. But no shrieking? Please? PLEASE?

Have a good weekend, everyone!
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