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Last night, we finished the last season on DVD of Scrubs. There’s a certain satisfaction, I’ve found, in following a series on DVD all the way until the end (or at least the end of what’s available). It’s like an accomplishment. For us coach potatoes, perhaps the equivalent of completing a marathon, say. We put in the time, worked hard, saw it all the way through. Victory! Which is quickly followed by a sense of letdown. Like, now what? For me, it’s Mad Men, and then maybe The Wire.

Plus Project Runway, which I believe starts a new season tonight? It’s hard to say because I’ve seen, like, NOTHING about it in magazines or on the air. Maybe because of the whole jumping to Lifetime thing, which I think might have made the folks at Bravo a bit peeved? It will be fun once it’s on there, though, because so many of my friends who don’t have Bravo (which is, most of them) will be able to watch it finally. I cannot wait to see new converts to the church that is Tim Gunn. Make it work, indeed! It’s more fun than running a Scrubs marathon.

In other news, my daughter is giving me serious problems with her carseat. It’s not the carseat, actually, as much as the covering OVER it. It’s got this fuzzy kind of lining underneath, and she’s discovered that she REALLY likes reaching under it, pulling it out, and sticking it in her mouth. No matter how many toys I give her—teether, stuffed monkey, Ugli Doll—she still abandons all for the fuzz. I sit there, at the wheel, and watch her in the her little mirror as she excavates it out, then eats it. Which leads to me pulling over, grabbing it from her hand, then trying the whole teether-monkey-uglidoll thing all over again. We put tape under the padding, but she’s pulling that off now. Help! Do they even make replacement covers? Maybe made out of, like, steel or something? If anyone knows, fill me in. I’m a little desperate. For now, I’m putting on more tape. And more tape. And more tape…..

Have a good day, everyone!