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The Friday Five!

1. The Emmy nominations were announced today, and I have to say I’m a little unsettled that so many of the shows nominated I’ve never seen. Which I think is kind of insane, considering how much TV I watch. Maybe it says something about quality, not quantity? I don’t watch The Closer or Burn Notice or Saving Grace, or really any of the basic cable shows that got noticed this year. But I DO love Tina Fey, who got tons of noms for herself and 30 Rock, although I hate to see her up against Mary Louise Parker in Weeds. They’re both so good! Just like Rainn Wilson having to be up against Jeremy Piven. Decisions, decisions. I guess it’s good I’m not an Emmy voter. I would be agonizing even more than normal.

2. I CAN now say that I’ve seen Mad Men, as I watched the first episode last night. I’m a little nervous, because it didn’t totally blow my doors off, and I worry that it was hyped SO much that there’s no way it can ever live up. Then again, I know better than to judge by just one episode, so I will certainly be diving back in, probably tonight. I have to say that I really like the look of the show. The clothes make you want to buy strappy shoes and pencil skirts and tease up your hair. Although I have to say the anti-tobacco folks must hate this show. EVERYBODY smokes. I want to cough just watching it. Still, I’m in. At least for the first whole disc.

3. It’s watermelon time of year again, and I am reminded how much I really love this sweet, pink fruity snack. Last summer, while hugely pregnant, I was ADDICTED to watermelon. I ate it every night after dinner, and looked forward to it all day. Equally fun was going to buy the little seedless ones I loved at the grocery store, where I always got a little kick when they were rung up as “Personal Melon.” I always thought that would be a GREAT name for a band. Maybe I should form one just to use it? Oh, right. No musical talent. Oh, well.

4. Today, I took one step closer towards the life of suburbia: we bought a station wagon. Not one of the wood-paneled, huge boat-like things of my childhood (although Courtney thought that was a great idea) but a nice, small used one that gets good gas mileage. It’s very sporty and nice. But I still had that weird pang. Station wagon? Us? Really? Aren’t we still, like, sixteen? Apparently not. Still, it seems like only yesterday we were just hanging out, listening to Personal Melon records….

5. It was five years ago today that How to Deal, the movie made from my first two books, was released. It was a crazy time for me, but I had just so much fun. So of course I’m feeling nostalgic, so I went looking on the web and sure enough, on the IMDB page, you can watch the original preview. Which I saw for the first time, I remember, on TRL one afternoon when it world premiered. Totally surreal. Anyway, just to celebrate, or at least note it, here’s the link. I’m such a loser. I’m going to watch it again.

Have a great weekend, everyone!
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