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Here’s big news for your Monday: Brenda is OFFICIALLY returning to 90210. For those of you keeping track at home, that Jennie Garth, Shannen and Tori all signed on to appear. Which, for old school fans like me, is very exciting. But you have to wonder if maybe all this sort-of stunt casting will take away from the new show itself? I mean, aren’t we supposed to be bonding with new characters, and not just waiting around for old ones to show up? I have utter faith in Rob Thomas—as I was addicted to Veronica Mars—so I’m sure he knows what he’s doing. I guess I just want the show to be good on its own, not just because of all these familiar faces. We’ll find out in the fall, I suppose.

I would love to say that I spent my weekend doing worthwhile and scholarly things. Mostly, though, I searched for people from my past on Facebook. My babysitter calls this “stalking people on Facebook,” but I prefer to look at it, like the 90210 thing, as nostalgia. I found two very old friends I’d completely lost touch with….as well as a handful of people I don’t want to be in touch with AT ALL but was still mildly curious about. Anyway. It’s a total time waster. Next weekend, I’m cleaning out my closet and tackling my junk drawer. No, really!

I also spent some of the weekend catching up with Kathy Griffin and My Life On The D-List, which was just nominated for another Emmy this past Friday. Basic truth: Kathy Griffin fascinates me. People either love or hate her (and when they hate her, they REALLY hate her) but I think she’s hilarious. I love her self-deprecation, and how much she loves her dogs, and her strange relationship with Steve Wozniack (which I think is now over, but still, fun to watch while it was still going). She always seems to be in situations where people have no idea who she is, but if I met her, I’d be TOTALLY star struck. I’m not yet stalking her on Facebook. But it’s still early.

Finally, on a last TV note, I’m in serious Scrubs withdrawal. So much so that I spent some of my non-Facebook time this weekend trying to find out when Season Seven is going to be released on DVD. Only up to six is available. Any Scrubs devotees out there: is this coming season the seventh, or was last season but they just haven’t released it? Any info would be much appreciated. Maybe I should ask my Facebook friends, too?

Okay, no. I’m going to clean out my closet. Seriously. Just as soon as I update my status….

Have a great day everyone!
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