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Yesterday, my husband had his six week checkup, post-surgery. Everything looks really good, they told him, so good that….he can start beginning to ride a bike again. To which I said: WHAT? I mean, I’m all for him getting back to normal, but if it was up to me, he’d at least wait, I don’t know, another few months. If not forever. So many people have said to me (edit: so many of my girlfriends) “You need to tell him no more bike riding! It’s over!” But what they don’t realize is that isn’t even an option. It would be like him telling me I can’t read anymore, or watch TV, or waste time on Twitter, all things that I love. Admittedly, these are less dangerous pursuits. You are unlikely to break a sternum while watching Tori And Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. Still, it could happen. Life is dangerous. This is something I never wanted to admit, even before I had up close and personal proof. So I will grit my teeth, and hope he waits a little while, and try NOT to think of all we’ve been through this summer with the surgery the first time he pedals off. Because this is a marriage, not a dictatorship. Although sometimes, like now, I see why a dictatorship might be kind of nice.

In other news, I’m taking a vacation. A REAL one, which means(gulp!) no blogging or Facebook or Twitter until August. I know! But it is LONG overdue. We haven’t been out of town for over a year and there is family to see, and plane rides to take. I wish I was going to a place like Sara Zarr’s blog, complete with cucumber slices on my eyes and spa treatments, but you can’t have everything. Hopefully by the time I return I’ll have LOTS of stories to tell, none of them involving broken bones or hospitals. We have had just about enough of that, and there is still, thankfully some summer left. I’m ready to take it.

I hope you all have a GREAT rest of July. See you next month!