So now it’s Monday, I’ve been back from vacation for three full days, and I am STILL digging out from under everything that piled up while I was gone. Emails, laundry, the new Facebook…I mean, how is it possible so much could happen in seven days? Re-entry from vacation is always tough, but especially so when you have a minimum of time each day to get caught up, while more things are still piling on. It’s impossible! I’m never going to get it all done. I mean, how can I—

—-and BREATHE. I was relaxed and sitting on a beach a week ago. I need to remember how that felt. Sigh.

Speaking of beaches, I’m one of the only people who actually comes back from a trip to one more pale than when they left. Because of a skin cancer incident a couple of years back, I’m not much of a sun worshiper. When I am outside, I put on tons of sunscreen, wear a hat, the whole deal. But I don’t particularly like being sheet white all the time, so I’ve always been a big fan of the self tanners. Easy to put on, get a little color, and no squamous cells to worry about. Now, though, suddenly—after years of no incidents—I have developed an allergy to self tanners. They make my legs itch like CRAZY and I break out in a rash. Which is so frustrating, because now the options are to be white pale or covered in red spots, neither of which is very appealing. So I’m back to the pale now. My white legs will BLIND you in a bright light. But at least I am healthy. And not itching. At least, not much.

Finally, I wrote here about how I was TV-free for pretty much my whole vacation. I am embarrassed to admit that it was NOT easy for me. I was in serious withdrawal. But it was very nice to read, and read, and listen to the rain plink off the roof, and go to bed early. Now we’re back, and I was determined to keep this trend up, or at least try to incorporate it into my life a bit more. But there was so much to catch up on! A new Weeds, Project Runway (I have no favorites as of yet, I’m still trying to tell everyone apart, although I like Stella just for her voice) and the US version of Kitchen Nightmares, which I am LOVING. If you haven’t watched, you should, especially if you’ve ever worked in the restaurant industry. It’s all the drama without the stress and the food on your clothes. A win-win!

I would love to write more, but I have about a thousand emails to answer. And the new Facebook to consider. And Twitter to update, and another load to put in, and, and….

Have a good day, everyone!
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