I don’t know why I feel compelled to share stories that make me look like a COMPLETE idiot in this space. But I do.

Okay, so we’ve had well water for years now. In our old house, the little yellow one, we started a water delivery service, since we weren’t comfortable drinking our tap water (and I drink TONS of water, I am like a camel, no joke. It’s kind of a problem, but I digress). Anyway, when we signed up for the service back in, like, 1998, we also signed up to rent a crock dispenser, you know, the thing the water bottles sit in. I figured, well, if we end up keeping the service, we’ll eventually just spring for a crock of our own. In the meantime, it’s only five bucks a month to rent a crock, so it’s all good, right?

Well. Fast forward ten years and…..yep, I still have that same crock. (This is the part where I look stupid, in case you were wondering.) I wish I had a good explanation for why we have been paying five bucks a month for TEN YEARS for something we could buy ourselves for, like, fifty bucks. But I don’t. Every time we saw them somewhere, we’d say, oh, well, NEXT time. Which is so lame, especially because by my calculations I have now spent—wait for it—six hundred dollars for this crock.

Oh.My.God. The shame! I can’t even LOOK at the crock it’s so embarrassing. Which is why yesterday, I went to Whole Foods, determined to buy one. But the only ones they had were decorated with sunflowers and herbs, which was kind of cheesy. So I said, I’ll wait. I’ll do it tomorrow, go someplace else. But really: it’s been ten years. Will I?

*reads over entry*

Okay, I’m really thinking I should delete this. It is just that humiliating. But because I endeavor to make this blog honest, and true, and real, I will not. I just ask: do not judge. At least, not too harshly. And if you know where I can buy a simple crock somewhere in the Chapel Hill area, let me know….

Have a good day, everyone!
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