My daughter was up at 3am, 4:30am, and then for good promptly at 6:07. So I will apologize in advance if this entry is full of misspellings and/or makes no sense. Sorry!

Now, however, she’s down for her morning nap, and I’m armed with a BIG cup of coffee, so it’s all good. I have become a bit more into coffee the last few months—wonder why?—but I am trying to fight it. I really only need about a half a cup a day, as I am entirely too exciteable anyway, but once I finish that cup lately, I have been wanting more. And also? Driving by Starbucks I feel this, like, kind of PULL. Not good. Because I gave up double mochas for a reason, mostly for the fact that my students complained they couldn’t understand me because I was talking too fast. So, yes. Water it is.

In other news, over at the The Sarah Dessen Diarist, Adele has finished with her coverage of Lock and Key, which was GREAT (although I suppose I am a bit biased, at least as far as the subject goes). I did an interview with her which is posted there, as well as the book she’s decided to cover next, based on suggestions from her readers. And it’s a personal fave of mine: This Lullaby. Yay! Spread the Dexter love, is what I say.

Finally, a question for all you Twitter folks: do you follow everyone who follows you? Is it weird to do so? I have been adding back everyone who adds me, mostly because I’m interested but also because it seems like the polite thing to do. But then when I click FOLLOW beside someone’s name, I think, maybe they think I’m weird. Like I’m stalking them, or something? I know, I know, I’m being totally codependent. I have, like, 200 people I’m following! God, I think I AM drinking too much coffee, if only because I am thinking about stuff like this.

I’m going back to GMA, where they are discussing chocoloate covered bacon. See, THERE’S something worth talking about!

Have a good day, everyone!
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