The Friday Five!

1. Okay, so I’m starting to feel REALLY lame that I’m so behind on the Olympics. I keep meaning to watch….and then life gets in the way, and I have emails to answer and laundry to fold and calls to return, and then Michael Phelps has won six gold medals and I’m like, WHAT? Plus, I think I have totally missed the gymnastics. Whoops. As soon as I finish this entry I’m going to go look and see what’s on tonight and plan my evening around it. After I, um, answer all these emails. And fold my laundry. And….

2. Someone was kind enough to leave a comment for me yesterday saying that season two of Everwood is going to be available on DVD after all. Which means that maybe I will watch the first season? I had held off, as many loyal viewers had told me it was excruciating to only get one season and know others were out there, but not available. God knows we need something to Netflix until the new Scrubs comes out in November. As it is, we’re watching season one of Project Runway, which is SO much fun even though we know who won. I love me some Austin Scarlett, I swear. Blayne WISHES he had that kind of style! (Not that I don’t like Blayne, I do. But I am an Austin girl.)

3. Meanwhile, my daughter is currently outgrowing EVERYTHING, so I went clothes shopping for her yesterday. I was not encouraged by what I found. It seems like all the cutest stuff is for babies, i.e. up to 12 months. Now we’re looking at 12-18 months it seems like there’s a lot less selection, or maybe it’s just at Target and Babies R Us? I know a lot of mom read this page (and I am so grateful, as you have helped me with everything from car seats to teething to surviving our first flight—so if you have recommendations for simple, not-skanky clothes for the almost-toddler (and I’m not kidding about the skanky, they have Daisy Dukes for babies, for goodness sake!) please let me know. I’m going to hit Old Navy and Baby Gap but there have to be others, I’m thinking.

4. Yesterday, while at Target, we bought Sasha this little remote-controlled car. It’s the Parents brand (which of course makes it educational!) and makes all these little motor noises, and lights up. We were SO excited to give it to her…but then, all she really cared about was chewing on the antenna, while WE fought over who got to play with it next. I worry about us, seriously. I think we are ENTIRELY too childish to have children.

5. Finally, speaking of obsessions (were we?) I have spent the last few days (yes, DAYS) trying to figure out how to upload new ringtones onto my husband’s Treo Smartphone. Now, I used to have a Treo, and you could upload MP3 tones. But with his, you can’t. (Maybe this is an Alltel thing, I don’t know.) I only discovered this after creating the MOST AWESOME EVER Motorhead ringtone, oh my God, he would have loved it. I had to upload it to my phone, instead. He can only have MIDI files, which are fun too, but not quite so much. I am still entirely geeking out trying to find them for him, though. So far I have uploaded some Led Zep, Black Sabbath, the Office theme song….none of which he really cares about, like, at all. He says, “Can I just have my regular ringer?” and I’m like, “No!” But he doesn’t even care! God, enough. I need to just go watch the Olympics..

Have a good weekend, everyone!
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