First off, I want to thank everyone for the great suggestions about where to buy good baby clothes. I ended up hitting the BabyGap website and ordering a TON of stuff, and plan to check out Gymboree and The Children’s Place next time I am at the mall. And to the person who suggested MiniBoden: oh, my God. There is a pink apple pinafore that is WAY too expensive, but I think I may have to buy it anyway.

You know what’s funny? There was a time when I got this excited about buying clothes for MYSELF. Now, not so much. I’m going around in busted Gap cargos and plain T’s and Havianas, or variations thereof almost EVERY day, but Sasha’s attire is a high priority. I am so into it that I get annoyed when my husband picks out an outfit for her without my input (usually because he puts her in something without the color pink somewhere, which leads to comments like, “Hey, little buddy!” and “How old is he? He’s ADORABLE!”). I find myself thinking hours before she gets dressed what she’ll wear that day, according to what our plans are and who we might see. It’s like I’m back in junior high again, or something. And it’s not even my clothes! Truthfully, she’d be happy in shorts and a plain T. Or gap cargos, T-shirts and Havianas. She is pretty easy to please that way. But she is a good sport when I get her all dolled up, even if she’s dragging some dress hem behind her as she bangs across the floor, a spoon in one hand.

In other news, I FINALLY watched some Olympics this weekend, seeing some of the women’s marathon and, of course, the highlights of the last medal for Michael Phelps. Pretty impressive all around. They showed this one woman right after she’d won the NY Marathon, and she was carrying a baby on her hip who was about the same size mine was at the same time of year. Was I thinking, what a great example of athletic prowess, how impressive? No. I’m like, HOLY PAJAMAS, she had a baby a few months ago and now she’s WINNING MARATHONS? I feel proud I do my two and a half mile walk a few days a week. Whew. But okay, okay. If nothing else I am learning that you cannot parent laterally, i.e. comparing yourself across the board to others. Especially marathoners.

Lastly, thanks to Sarah, who urged me to go join Goodreads. I know, I know. The last thing I need is another internet distraction. Twitter itself takes up half of my day as it is. But how fun is it to post what you’re reading, and find out what other people are liking as well? I am still finding my way around, and need to add more comments, but so far, so good. Although I may have to limit how often I go there. I mean, fitting it in with Twitter and all.

Okay, this entry is WAY too long. Sorry! Going now….

Have a good day, everyone!
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