Yesterday was the first day of classes here at UNC-CH, and, as always, it made me feel a little wistful. It’s now been two full years since I gave up teaching, and while I know it was the right decision—more time to write, and now, to take care of my daughter—there are times I really miss it. Like in the spring, when the campus is lush and green, and days like today, when I know my old department is full of bustle and new faces and brand new creative writing classes none of which I am teaching. Which is a good thing. I am so scattered and forgetful lately I think I would be the worst instructor EVER. I can hardly remember my name some days, much less someone else’s. But still. I am a school nerd at heart in many ways, and part of me is longing to go buy a fresh Carolina Week by Week and some pens at the Student Stores.

Instead, I went to Staples, which was ALSO full of back to schoolers. I needed legal pads, and metal clips, and if I hadn’t had Sasha with me—who is totally squirmy in arms these days, always wanting to get down and take off crawling—I probably would have dawdled for ages among the notebooks and index cards. Do you EVER really get over a school supply obsession? Lately, I’ve been thinking I probably need to start looking for an assistant—I am kind of overwhelmed by email, if I’m totally honest—but I can’t imagine how I’d ever find The Perfect Person. One thing I do know: they would have to love school supplies. Like, that might even be an interview question. What’s your favorite pen right now? Medium or fine point? I know they would think I am crazy. But if they were the right person…maybe not.

Anyway. In other news, I’m still reading Twilight, but have realized that it is just not my Cup of Tea. It’s compelling, very interesting, and I can TOTALLY see the appeal. But I am not a vampire person. And also, there is the complication that I have a Tom Perrotta book I have not even read yet, just waiting for me on my bedside table. Do I keep reading, or abandon? I feel sickly conflicted. I always like to finish a book once I start it. But it’s Tom Perrotta! He’s, like, my favorite! Maybe Bella and Edward will wait for me?

Ah, decisions. For now, I think I’ll clean out my office drawers, organize my paper clips and collection of Post-it notes. It’s not going to back to school. But it’s close enough.

Have a good day, everyone!