The Friday Five! (Posted on Thursday, because I have time, and have learned to take advantage when that happens)

1. Okay, you guys were right. The minute I decided I would pick Twilight up again and try to finish it, it TOTALLY took off, pulling me along with it. I raced through the last couple of hundred pages in less than twenty four hours. Yikes! I am so glad I stuck with it. And while I eagerly ate up the teaser at the end of it for the next book, I am going to try to hold off on picking it up just yet. We’ll see how I do.

2. I have a new obsession, and it’s shoes. Not shoes for me, though: for my daughter. I bought her a pair of Pedipeds earlier this year, and she’s been wearing them constantly. They are SO cute and get so many comments that I went looking for a pair the next size up. All I could find were these cute little brown maryjanes, so I got those….only to see a couple of weeks later these brown ones with little flowers. So I got those too. Now, I find myself haunting the website, eyeing these pink and brown ones that are so cute I can’t even stand it. Hello? She only needs ONE pair. I have to control myself! But it is REALLY hard. I mean, look at them!

3. This is the last weekend of summer for most of the kids around here, and you can just feel this kind of last-gaspness in the air. It makes me sad. I mean, I like that the mornings have been a little cooler. And I am kind of sick of all my summer clothes. Plus this fall there’s new TV season, and some fun trips, and other good stuff in the works. But summer, I still don’t want you to go. I never do.

4. I wrote here before about another recent obsession of mine, making ringtones for my husband’s phone. I am such a geek about this, I can’t even believe I’m admitting it. But in case YOU are secretly a geek like me and are interested in doing it, I have two words for you: Ventones and minitones. And now, I will speak no more of this, my secret shame.

5. Finally, speaking of things to get entirely geeked out about, I have been informed by MULTIPLE readers that one of my books was a clue in the Nerdifighters scavenger hunt! Which is about the coolest shout out I can possibly imagine. Now, of course, I have to get caught up on all the other ones. But for now, this:

Thanks John Green!

Have a good weekend, everyone!