My baby had a fever for much of the weekend—we think from teething, although we’re not entirely certain—so I spent a lot of it worrying, feeling her forehead, and not getting much sleep. Now she’s feeling MUCH better, and I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. Multiple times. But oh, well. At least it’s Monday!

On a related note, I guess, with her first birthday coming up soon, I have to stop calling her a baby? But she’s not yet walking, so she’s not a toddler. Is there something in between? Or are you a baby as long as people still refer to your age in months? I’ve known people who say, “Oh, he’s twenty-two months,” but really, that involves too much in-your-head math. I feel like once you hit eighteen months, you’re one and a half. So I guess I still have six more of babyhood. Which is a good thing, because I’m not yet ready to have her leave it. Yet.

Also this weekend, I continued my obsession with Season One of Project Runway, which we are watching on DVD. My husband missed it the first time around, so while he knows who won, he doesn’t know much else, so there is a sense of suspense, at least for one of us. For me, it’s all about Austin Scarlett. I should probably be embarrassed to admit that I have been loving him SO much that I actually went to his website and sent him a gushing email. But there it is. I got a very nice autoresponse in return, which is just fine—I understand about autoresponses!—but I wonder if maybe he WILL read what I said, at some point, and maybe it’ll make him feel good. Although he is so fabulous he probably ALWAYS feels good. I mean, he’s Austin Scarlett!

Finally, we are now down to one week and one day to go until the premiere of the new 90210. I am trying to avoid a lot of the hype, if only because I worry if I get TOO sucked in, I’ll be disappointed by the final product. I mean, how can it possibly live up to all these years of waiting? Plus there’s the fact that Tori Spelling is now not appearing, which is kind of a bummer. But iImust admit, this little promo kind of has me intrigued:

Oh, who am I kidding. There’s no WAY I won’t be disappointed. But I’ll still be there, right on time with Courtney beside me. The only thing that would make it MORE perfect? Austin Scarlett. Oh, sigh…
Have a great day, everyone!
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