The Friday Five!

1. This weekend, we are celebrating my daughter’s first birthday. (She doesn’t officially turn one until next week, but it just worked out easier this way.) I honestly cannot believe it’s been a whole year. I keep swinging wildly between disbelief and sentimentality and then back to outright denial. This time last year, I was still pregnant? Is that even possible? I feel like she has been part of me forever, and now when I look at her infant pictures—during those sentimental swings—I get all choked up. Good Lord. Motherhood has made me a big sap. Oh, who am I kidding. I already was one.

2. To celebrate, I ordered the most AMAZING banana cupcakes with dark chocolate icing from this woman at the local farmer’s market. Her baked goods are to DIE for and once I had one of these cupcakes, I knew it was exactly what was needed to commemorate such an event. I traipsed out in a serious downpour to order them yesterday, and it was worth the soaking. Not that Sasha will even care, or notice, what kind of cupcake she has. But to me: very important. Especially when I am feeling sentimental.

3. It’s not even Labor Day yet, but I can feel it happening, this PULL towards my fall clothes. I keep putting on jeans in the morning, even when it’s still going to be sunny and 88 degrees. And yesterday, out and about, I found myself looking at a coat. A coat! We still have most of September before it even feels like fall here! But oh, well. My flip flops are heading back into the closet soon, I fear. Gotta dig out those Danskos, and maybe some socks to boot.

4. I really, really, REALLY want to make my husband a Facebook page. Like, I can’t stop thinking about it. I just think it would be SO fun to see who comes looking for him, and several times I have gotten SO CLOSE to signing him up and then….I hear his voice, saying very firmly, “I DO NOT WANT A FACEBOOK PAGE. DO NOT PUT ME ON FACEBOOK. I AM NOT JOKING.” So I stop. You would think, with a baby to care for, and a house to keep up, and books to write, that I would not waste time on such stupid things. You would be wrong.

5. Okay, so this final one is not really an item as much as a letter.
*clears throat*
Dear Tyler Hansborough,
I know we don’t know each other, and I also know that you are probably annoyed all day long, every day, by people just like me who kind of worship you because you are a UNC basketball player. Which is why, when I saw you yesterday out at lunch, I really, REALLY didn’t want to bother you. But because I am such a big fan of yours, I found it impossible to ignore the fact of your proximity completely. I’m embarrassed about it now. I mean, I thought I was being slick and it just looked like a mom getting some shots of her kid, but I think you were probably onto me. And for that, I’m sorry. I should have just let you eat in peace, and I hope I didn’t ruin your meal. It will not happen again, I promise.
Lots of love,
Sarah Dessen

Have a great weekend, everyone!
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