So here we are at September, which just TOTALLY blows my mind. And today is a big day. First, it’s Sasha’s official birthday. And second, the NEW 90210 premieres tonight. I mean, how much can I even take? But I will do my best to calm down.

It is hard to believe, though, that a year ago RIGHT NOW I was driving around running errands, HUGELY PREGNANT, with no idea that within twenty-four hours my life would change absolutely and completely. I mean, I knew it would be different. I’d read books, I’d seen my friends have kids. But as moms on here will attest, you really can’t know what it’s like to have a baby until you do. Yowza! It’s a whole new world. And while it can be hard, and I haven’t slept straight through the night for a year now, I would not trade it for anything, ever. I cannot imagine a life without her.


You’ll have to excuse me, I am entirely too sentimental today. Sorry!

And 90210: I mean, come on! I have purposely avoiding reading many of the articles—my EW, US Weekly—until later so that I can go into this show with as little expectation as possible. I mean, I know that Lori Loughlin is on it, and that it’s about a family moving to CA, just like the old one. And of course some familiar faces will be appearing. But that’s all I want to know, for now. I cannot WAIT to see what it’s like. I’m so excited that it’s ALMOST made it a bit easier to see the summer officially end. Yesterday, I ate the last of my deviled eggs, and sat in the sunshine for a little while, and tried to soak up every last bit of this season while I could. Because today, it all cranks up again. But it’s not really an end, actually. Like last year, I need to look at this as a brand new beginning. Last year, I spent the night in the hospital, holding my baby in my arms. This one, she’ll be asleep upstairs while I settle in for the new premiere of an old favorite. A lot can happen in a year. I wonder what the next one might bring?

Have a great day, everyone!
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