The Friday Five!

1. I’ve had a few comments from people wanting to know what I think about Stephenie Meyer’s draft of her next book being leaked online, and her subsequent decision to put it aside. (If you haven’t heard about this, go here.) I have to say, I totally understand where she’s coming from. A draft is SO personal, only the first phase of many for a book, and I get nervous even sending it to my editor. I can’t imagine it being put out there and judged by so many people. I really, really feel for her, and I totally understand why she’s decided to table it. It’s not her book anymore, at least right now. As Stephen King says, you write with the door closed, revise with it open. Someone busted down her door, and it’s a violation. I hope that she’ll quietly go back to it, when everyone’s moved on, but only when she’s really ready and feels like she can make it her own again. In the meantime, I recommend chocolate, and lots of it.

2. In other news, we’re staring down a hurricane this weekend, so I’m making sure I have everything I need: water, diapers, flashlights….and DVDs. As an experiment, I got the first discs of Greek, The Wire and Everwood, with the idea that we’d watch one of each and decide on that which will be the next show we watch. So far, I’ve only watched Everwood, and I have to say….I think it might have already won. I mean, WOW. I really liked it. But I feel like I have to give the other two a shot, still. I will keep you posted.

3. Speaking of TV—and when am I not?—how brilliant is it to have Britney Spears open the VMAs again this weekend? I don’t know about you, but I LOVE a comeback story. And after last year, all she has to do is be coherent, I think, to bring the house down. Even though I feel like I am WAY too old for the VMAs these days—I can’t even tell all the Jonai apart—I will be watching. Because I love me some Britney.

4. For Sasha’s birthday, I bought her a little push toy shopping cart, which came with a few plastic groceries. Can I just say: she LOVES it. Is pushing it all over the place, taking the eggs and cereal out, putting them back in. I’m thinking about looking for some more food to add to her collection, but I worry. I mean, I kind of have a shopping issue. Food, clothes, whatever, I love it all. I fear I am shaping her the same way. Still, groceries are STAPLES, right? You need them. It’s not like I bought her a bunch of shoe boxes and shoes. Yet.

5. Finally, one last thing. I’m going to have a new book out in June 09. Yep, that’s next summer. Are you surprised? Happy? I hope so. More details to follow, but until then….

Have a great weekend, everyone!
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