Thanks again to everyone for the kind words—and excitement—about the new book, Along For the Ride. I’m thrilled the news is finally out (I hate keeping secrets!) and can’t wait until I can share and tell you more. And for all of you who said, “Please come to MY town!” I will do my best. I know for a fact that the people at Penguin who make such decisions do check this blog now and then, so you never know. As always, I will keep you posted.

In other SUPER big news, Lance Armstrong announced yesterday that he is going to come out of retirement and compete in this year’s Tour de France, going for his eighth win. This is BIG news, especially for those of us who watch the Tour each year (often under duress, ahem) because Lance always made the whole thing more exciting for me. I do love him, a little bit. So much so that I gave Owen his last name in Just Listen (the name Owen is from A Prayer For Owen Meany, my favorite book of all time, not that you asked). As I said last week while discussing Britney Spears, I do love a comeback. Not that I am comparing Lance and Britney, by any means. But second acts can be great things, especially if your first was pretty much miraculous. Looks like a fun summer, at any rate.

Finally, speaking of men I love, last night, while obsessing over Ben Lee on YouTube (I know, pathetic, I can’t help myself, his album Ripe was pretty much the soundtrack of my life as I wrote Along For The Ride) I found this great clip of him performing “Birds and Bees,” (a GREAT song) with none other than Mandy Moore herself. And seeing them together just makes me giddy, as it is visible proof that I am only ONE person removed from Ben. Okay, that one person I am sure does not remember me, could not pick me out of a lineup if asked. But still! It counts, right? And how can you not love Ben in his little sportjacket and poufy hair? You can’t. You just can’t.

Maybe if I beg here for Ben Lee to come to Chapel Hill, he will. Worth a shot, right?

Have a good day, everyone!
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