The Thursday Afternoon/Friday Five!

1. I’m really thinking that I should just start calling this The Five, because then it wouldn’t be AS super lame when I posted it on Thursday afternoon. The truth is, mornings are insane around here with an-almost toddler, and afternoons I have help. If nothing else, I have learned this year to work when I can work, so here I am. Onto The Five! (Or, Four. Now.)

2. Big news from the world of publishing: I’m not the only one with a new book out in Summer 2009. Lauren Conrad will ALSO have a YA novel. Who knew? Maybe this means that she’ll be touring when I am, and we can bump into each other in some airport lounge while waiting for a delayed flight and commiserate about hotel coffee, rushing to events and the fear that no one will show up to our readings. We could be book buddies! Okay, so that’s kind of pathetic. But still, anything that brings more attention to the YA world is a good thing, in my opinion.

3. Speaking of books, I am REALLY loving Tori Spelling’s Stori Telling, which I finally picked up at Target on a whim the other day. I’m not that far into it, but there’s already been some good 90210 dish, which is really all I could ask for. It just makes me sadder that she’s not coming back to the new show. I haven’t watched the second ep yet (I am behind on EVERYTHING) but I am excited about the return of Jackie Taylor. Maybe over time Tori will change her mind about things. It’s just not the same without our Donna.

4. While I was at the grocery store the other day, the cashier offered me a free shopping list pad with a magnet on the back. I initially said no, but then reconsidered, as my current system (magnet clip with loose sheets in it) always resulted in me finding the list under the fridge or losing it altogether. So now I have this nice, magnetized pad, front and center on the fridge. The only problem is that there are three pre-printed items on it: MILK, EGGS and HARRIS TEETER RANCHER BEEF. Now, I buy milk and eggs almost every week. Even a steak once in a while. But the ASSUMPTION that I HAVE to buy these items now is just kind of bugging me. Like I don’t want to buy them simply to be contrary. The simple solution would be to just cross out the items, but who wants a list that looks like it’s been vetted by government censors? Not me. Oh, well.

5. Finally, you know how sometimes you have an in-house joke that just takes on a life of its own? Ever since we saw this clip years ago of Jack and Cher on Will and Grace, my husband and I cannot say the word “time” without imitating them. It’s just the stupidest thing and NOBODY else understands what we’re talking about, but we think it’s hilarious. Maybe you won’t. But there are worse ways to start your weekend than a little Cher:

Have a great weekend, everyone!
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