SPOILER ALERT: if you haven’t watched 90210 from last night, do NOT read this entry. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

*takes breath*

Okay, so I’m just a LITTLE bit excited this morning. Also, aware of the fact that I can’t DVR 90210 and watch it later, especially when Big Things Are Happening. Right at 9 last night, my phone rang. It was my friend Dana, freaking out about what had just happened on the show. I told her I hadn’t watched it, and she gasped, saying she was sorry, forget it. I told her to tell me anyway. We went back and forth, and FINALLY I convinced her that I wanted to know. And yes, it was the news I was hoping for: Dylan IS the father of Kelly’s son. Does this mean that Luke Perry MIGHT return to the show, even in a small cameo? It’s hard to say. I know he’s on another show—Law and Order, maybe?—and probably isn’t interested. BUT wouldn’t they have made it Brandon’s kid if Dylan wasn’t going to come back? I hung up with Dana, did a couple of things ,and then looked at my phone. There was a text message from Bianca, freaking out about the Dylan thing. So, yes, note to self: from now on, watch the show As It Happens.

As it was, I watched it this morning, in bits and spurts, and I have to say it’s growing on me more and more. I knew it probably wasn’t fair to judge it just on the pilot, and I felt like the second episode was better than the first, and this one better than that one. The new characters are just gelling better, and I think they have struck the right balance between the old and new. And how much did I love the Donna Martin shout-outs? So she, like Tori, has a baby now. Hmmmm. I wonder if it’s David Silver’s? I mean, it has to be, right? Okay, okay, enough speculating.

Finally, I just have to take a minute to marvel at Jennifer Lopez. Or maybe marvel isn’t the right word. Maybe I should say I am gazing, incredulous. Not only did she just complete her first triathalon mere months after having twins, but ON THE SAME DAY she flew across the country to throw a surprise party for her husband in New York. What really makes this impressive is that when she was on GMA, and in several other publications, I have heard her say again and again that she has no nanny. That her mom and sister help out some, but they are raising the twins on their own. To which I say: WHAT? It’s women like this that make the rest of us look bad! I mean, I consider it a good day if I get a shower AND some writing done. And I DO have help! If I didn’t, I’d be dirty and no books would get written. Not that it would matter, because I would also be insane. And forget the triathalon part altogether. I’m up to running a single mile at a time now and feel like it’s a freaking Olympic achievement. Did Jennifer train with her double stroller? Or did Marc watch the kids while she swam and biked and ran? I guess what I’m saying is that for me, as a mom, sometimes it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who struggles. Who gets no sleep, who desperately needs an eyebrow wax, whose laundry is piling up, and up, and up. Maybe Jennifer Lopez IS a superwoman, and can do all this stuff with a baby on each hip. If so, I say, more power to you. You go! But if NOT, is that such a bad thing? Nobody’s perfect, I really believe that. Not even J. Lo. But maybe I’m wrong?

Okay, sorry. Enough venting. I’ve got to go start a load of laundry anyway…

Have a great day, everyone!
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